Vince Moreau: Demand generation doesn’t exist

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This podcast is recorded on: 20-07-2023

Demand generation doesn’t exist

In this podcast episode, host Jerrel Arkes spoke with guest Vince Moreau. Vince is the founder and CEO of a SEO and content marketing agency called ScaleCrush.

Key Points from the Conversation

One of the main themes that Vince emphasized was his belief that demand generation does not actually generate demand in a literal sense. As he explains, demand consists of customer wants and needs. So it cannot be artificially manufactured from scratch. At best, marketing activities can make people aware of solutions to existing wants/needs.

According to Vince, what most people call “demand generation” is actually just branding and building awareness for a company. It involves content marketing, social media, and advertising to get your brand in front of your target audience. While this can be effective, Vince argues it should not be positioned as creating new demand, since demand pre-exists based on customers’ existing needs.

Beyond demand generation, Vince and Jerrel discussed the frequent overemphasis on marketing execution and tactics before strategy. Vince suggested marketers should focus first on understanding the market and customers through research. Only then should they develop an informed plan to reach target customers before jumping into tactics.

The two also touched on the importance of using precise terminology in marketing. Vince argues that buzzwords and jargon that do not reflect reality can mislead people. He advocates questioning marketing language and thinking critically about whether it makes logical sense.

Finally, Vince and Jerrel explored the role of new AI technologies like ChatGPT in marketing. Vince believes AI can be useful as a tool, but cautions it should not be seen as a shortcut to replace human creativity and critical thinking. Marketers need to take the time to properly understand what AI can and cannot do in order to use it thoughtfully.

Takeaways for Marketers

The thought-provoking conversation between Jerrel and Vince provides some valuable insights for marketers looking to improve their strategic thinking:

  • Do the upfront work to research and understand your market and target customers. Resist the urge to jump right into tactics without a clear strategy in place.
  • Question marketing buzzwords and terminology. If something does not make logical sense or match reality, don’t blindly accept it. Evaluate claims critically.
  • Focus on business and customer needs first, not solutions. Demand pre-exists based on customers’ wants and needs. Brand awareness just connects them to your solution.
  • Develop a strategic marketing plan informed by concrete research into the market, competitors, and customer perspectives. Don’t let tactics drive strategy.
  • Leverage new technologies like AI carefully as a supplement to human creativity and critical thinking. Understand their capabilities and limitations.
  • Precision matters, especially in communication. Jargon and fuzzy terminology can confuse people and obscure the truth. Strive for clear language.

By keeping these key principles in mind, marketers can avoid getting swept up in hype and stay focused on the fundamentals of strategic marketing. Thoughtful research, planning, and communication will lead to better results than chasing tactical fads.

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