Robert Rose – A Guide to Content Marketing in the AI Era

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This podcast is recorded on: 07-08-2023

In this episode of the Inbound4Cast Robert Rose talks about how to be succesfull with content marketing in 2023

Topics we cover:

  • Building real relationships will be the key differentiator for marketing in the 2020s, more so than tactics.
  • Content marketing will likely evolve into just “marketing” as human-created content becomes more premium.
  • The author/creator is becoming more important than the content itself due to AI proliferation.
  • Audio and video content may become more valued as “certifiably human created”.
  • Authenticity is important, but good design also builds trust and differentiation.
  • Hire journalists for content roles and teach them marketing vs. the other way around.
  • You can prove the business value of content marketing through goal setting and measurement frameworks.
  • In the AI era, the focus of content marketing needs to be on building real human relationships.

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