Olaf Kopp: How entities have changed SEO

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This podcast is recorded on: 21-03-2023

In this episode of the Inbound4Cast Olaf Kopp from Aufgesang GmbH talks about how entities have changed SEO.

  • What is semantic search?
  • Whare are entities?
  • The switch from strings to things from 2013
  • The evolution of AI, related to entities in search
  • How are entities impacting SEO today?
  • Can we compare entities and links for SEO?
  • What is a strong entity?
  • How E-E-A-T is related to entities
  • The difference between document level and entity level SEO
  • Is entity building a thing?
  • Why should you become a strong entity?
  • Can you measure the strength of an entity?
  • Insights from Google patent research
  • Real people who train the OpenAI GPT model
  • Microsoft vs. Google

Een podcast van Jerrel Arkes over organisch groeien voor B2B bedrijven.

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