Morgan Petrov – SEO as a part of B2B demand generation

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This podcast is recorded on: 15-08-2023

In this episode of the Inbound4Cast Morgan Petrov talks about how SEO should be seen as a part of B2B demand generation.

Topics we cover:

  • Morgan got into SEO in 2020 during the pandemic and now specializes in regulated industries like healthcare and finance. She enjoys the challenge of SEO for B2B.
  • Many B2B companies focus too much on short-term demand capture like paid ads instead of long-term demand generation with valuable content. Good SEO starts with solving user problems.
  • Creating content around advancing people’s careers is powerful for B2B demand gen, as many search for this. Focus on how your product benefits end users.
  • Collaborating between marketing and sales teams is key but often challenging. Agencies can help by encouraging this alignment.
  • Morgan uses AI like ChatGPT for assistance writing but says humans are still needed to contribute original ideas and critical thinking.
  • With AI search results, optimize overall brand representation and content quality rather than trying to dominate. Fix inaccurate brand info shown.
  • Ask “why” about everything as a B2B marketer to spur creativity and growth. Don’t just stick to the status quo.

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