Isar Meitis – AI Use Cases for B2B Marketers in 2024

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This podcast is recorded on: 22-12-2023

In this episode of the Inbound4Cast, I talk to Isar Meitis about how to use AI for B2B marketing. Isar answers the following questions:

– What tasks does Isar think AI excels at for ideation?

– How can AI be used for strategic conversations?

– How does Isar use AI for data analysis?

– What does Isar say is a common problem with data in marketing?

– How can AI help with qualitative data analysis?

– What example does Isar give of using AI for comparison of landing pages?

– What does Isar think will happen to organic traffic and SEO in the next couple years?

– How might AI impact B2B sales calls?

– How could AI be used to personalized website content for each visitor?

– Why does Isar think Google will eventually win the AI race?

– What was Isars analysis of why Google launched the different Gemini models?

– Why does Isar think developing better than GPT-4 quality is challenging?

– What are Isars concerns about the speed of AI advancement?

The podcast and courses from Isar can be found here

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