Gemma Houghton – The Secret to Scaling Your Company Successfully Internationally

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This podcast is recorded on: 02-10-2023

In this episode of the Inbound4Cast Gemma Houghton talks about The Secret to Scaling Your Company Successfully Internationally.

Topics we cover:

  • What are some common mistakes companies make when expanding internationally?
  • How important is localization and translating content for international audiences?
  • What kind of research should companies do before entering a new international market?
  • How can companies connect with local audiences on social media internationally?
  • What are some differences in how international audiences use and interact with social media?
  • How can companies manage social media and be “always on” when targeting multiple countries?
  • What are some ways to adapt messaging and content for international audiences?
  • How important are visuals and images in localized content?
  • What role does native expertise and input play in creating effective localized content?
  • What are some budget-friendly ways to start localizing content for a new market?
  • How can companies repurpose content from live sessions and events for international audiences?
  • What makes an appealing location for hosting international marketing events?
  • How can companies build awareness and boost their brand through hosting events?
  • What are some key factors in promoting international marketing events successfully?
  • How important is researching your target audience before expanding to a new market?
  • What are some effective research methods for gaining insights into new international markets?
  • What are some differences in B2B marketing internationally vs domestically?
  • How can companies avoid getting distracted by “shiny new things” and stay focused on marketing fundamentals?

Een podcast van Jerrel Arkes over organisch groeien voor B2B bedrijven.

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